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Card & Menus

Travel through Normandy with a card featuring dishes from land and sea. Combinations of flavors from a cuisine and know-how in its own right.

Nos tartinables

Nos tartinables maison pour l’apéritif

Pots de rillettes de 100g faite par le chef pour votre apéritif…

  • cabillaud-coco-curry  7,50€
  • tarama de homard 8€
  • Coquille saint jacques 8€
  • Sardine -poivre sauvage 7,50€
. €

Notre menu à emporter

Menu à emporter

Menu à emporter du jeudi soir 17 décembre au dimanche midi 20 décembre 2020

(à retirer sur place entre 18h & 19h15 jeudi, vendredi, samedi et le dimanche entre 11h & 12h30)


Servie comme une terrine

Pot au feu de foie gras – queue et joue de bœuf – légumes BIO de grégoire

vinaigrette truffée

Pavé de Saumon label rouge

andouille viroise

jus au cidre de la ferme de Billy


Macaron marrons confits – vanille –  poire

30 €


Roasted pineapple

Flambé with rum / soft grapes
Coriander / vanilla emulsion and olive oil financier

18 €

Our Mille-feuille High as a ‘skyscraper’.

Wild Mexican vanilla

Mexican Pomponna Vanilla Ice Cream with Vanilla Rum

20 €

Our Mille-feuille High as a ‘skyscraper’.

Wild Mexican vanilla

Mexican Pomponna Vanilla Ice Cream with Vanilla Rum

20 €




French Milk Lamb in two ways

the roasted rack, roast juices, emulsion of parsley-garlic and parsley root with olive

the shoulder confit with fresh truffles étouffée

40 €

French sweetbreads

Whole roast then deglazed with carrot juice
Magali baby carrots in citrus juice
Sweetbread rissoles

40 €
table salle restaurant caen 4

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Information Coronavirus

In this particular and difficult climate, you can be sure that our infrastructures and each member of our teams respect the health rules in force. We ask you to take the utmost precaution in respecting these rules, for the safety and health of all. The organisation of the restaurant and hotel operations are adapted to the current situation. You can therefore be fully reassured about the capacity of our establishment to welcome you in the best possible conditions.

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Practical information


Phone: 02 31 73 32 71
Email: contact@ivanvautier.com


3 avenue Henry Chéron

14000, Caen


Restaurant open
Tuesday to Sunday

Noon: 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Evening: 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

(closed on Sunday night)


Secure 24/7 parking

24-hour reception