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Travel through Normandy with a card featuring dishes from land and sea. Combinations of flavors from a cuisine and know-how in its own right.


Hot pan fried ‘foie gras’

celery – fresh truffes – balsamic cider

40 €


In 2 ways

Half cooked ‘Tartare’ with ginger – lime and langoustine

The raw in olive oil

35 €


Sweetbread veal

roasted in house smoke butter – cream eggs with mushrooms and truffle

48 €

Young lamb

lam chop with bio vegetable
the stuffed saddle
the soulder on ‘croque monsieur’
roasted lam juice

44 €


Sea bass

herbal juice – suid from normandy and parsley root

40 €


snacked with apple and cider juice

46 €


Victoria pineapple

Crispy pineapple ravioli – mango tartar – vanilla cream and coconut ice cream

20 €

Our Mille-feuille Hight as a ‘skyscaper’

Tahitian vanilla

Sugar crust

Rum flavored with vanilla

22 €

Grand Cru Chocolate tarte

lemon cream

20 €
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